This project involved the renovation of a masonry building that was over 80 years old. Originally built by William Randolph Hurst for employees of the Houston Post, the site and surrounding area is densely populated, Yet within the limited space, substantial improvements were made. To avoid disrupting the exterior appearance and increasing noise pollution, split-system air conditioning was provided for all units, with the condenser located on the roof. Old and unsafe attic fans, hall fans, dead end corridors were eliminated. Subject to limitations posed by the Texas Historical Commission, exterior fire escapes were also eliminated, and replaced by fire sprinklers and alarm systems. Two new interior fire exit stairways were also integrated into the design along with two additional exits to bring the facility into much safer code compliance. All units were completely renovated inside while the exterior charm of the historical setting and building was retained. The original oak and pine wood floors were uncovered and refinished. Light fixtures recall the period of the original construction. The refurbished units now serve as SROs (single room occupancy) under a HUD HOPWA grant (Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS). Counseling services are provided at the facility as well. Initially completed in 1999, this facility was again updated in 2009 with window refurbishment and ornamental metal fencing.