With over twenty years experience designing commercial and institutional projects in large firms, I decided in 1993 to start my own business. I wanted to do challenging projects for clients that have similar values, and focus on the quality of design, documentation and service. I've intentionally kept the firm small so that I can personally be involved in all aspects of the work. Most of my projects have come from a handful of repeat clients, and people referred to me by those clients. I like to make architecture fun, as well as productive. My clients seem to enjoy that. On every project my goal is singlular: within the project constraints of time and money, create an architectural solution that will contribute to the community where it is located, and to the individuals who live or work in the building. I like to think that in some way the architecture can have an uplifting effect on the human spirit, and make peoples lives just a little bit happier, more peaceful, and more productive.

Our mission is to create architecture that expresses the clients vision and culture in a way that opens new possibilities for organizational efficiency and enrichment. Each design seeks to present the best site fit and surrounding landscape that expresses the regional culture in a newly interpreted form. The current state of concern over energy and environmental issues has impacted all of us in the design and construction fields. We have integrated these concerns into our design process on an ongoing basis. I personally obtained my LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accreditation this year, and will be utilizing what I have learned in all future projects. Please check out the Green buildings entry in the Technical Information section as well as the Red Grass Ranch in the Residential Projects section.

This site is our portfolio. I invite you to look it over. If you'd like to make a general inquiry or begin communication about a specific project, please contact me.