Creative design is only successful in architecture if it is combined with technical competence, sound engineering and competent execution during construction. We have developed a team approach to architecture that utilizes accepted standards of computer-aided design in all disciplines. This is utilized by subcontractors who use our electronic drawing file to build their shop drawings. We've found that this team effort saves time and results in more accurate construction yet fewer coordination problems in the field.

We have a team of CAD production specialists on call for all our construction documentation needs. Utilizing the latest versions of AutoCad hardware and software systems specially configured for this work, we are able to quickly develop detailed construction documents in order to meet the demanding schedules of our clients. Structural, civil, mechanical, electrical, landscaping and irrigation drawings are all developed by our consultants and/or design-build associates. Our CAD electronic files are also used by our architectural illustrator to develop color renderings that accurately present the project to our clients and allow us to study the effects of changes in materials, colors and other project components.