Interior design is an integral part of any architectural project. We feel that the interiors should reflect the culture and values of the client while harmonizing with the architectural design. We frequently work on the interior design of the public spaces in collaboration Janita Lo of JKL International. Her creative design talents always give us unique solutions that give the interiors lobbies a sense of place that exciting and inviting. We carry this design down to the careful detailing of restrooms, elevator cabs and breakrooms. For major clients we provide space planning, as well as interior design, services. This has proven particularly helpful for buildings where the shell is being finished concurrent with build out of lease space. Specialty projects such as the MHMRA Conference Center and the Claghorn Lesem Research Clinic require that the interior design work is conceived and executed as a fully integrated part of the building design. Since Ms. Lo's retirement from an active practice in early 2008, we have utilized her input on a more limited basis, and have coordinated our work with other interior designers selected by the owner when appropriate.

At 4 Hickory Centre, interior limestone and granite was selected for its compatibility with the red brick exterior with limestone accents. Patterns using Juparana, Dakota Mahogany and black granite lend warmth and richness to the lobbies. Cove-lit vaulted ceilings and pendant light fixtures emphasize the full volume of the public spaces. From the lobby, granite-framed entrances to lease space are pre-selected and detailed to coordinate with the overall design. Wall sconces and built in niches for artwork complete the design. Elevator cabs continue the granite finish, with a unique sconce on the rear wall and an illuminated brushed bronze vaulted ceiling behind matching elevator doors. The restrooms continue the application of this materials palate-- even the toilet partitions are granite, with stainless steel doors.